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This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section was designed to answer the most common questions about the website

What is the Mon défi En Coeur campaign?

The online campaign is a fundraising initiative for the benefit of the En Coeur Foundation. The campaign will be held over a three month period, from August 15 to November 15, 2014, and will allow the general public to support the cause of children with heart disease and their families.

One out every 100 children is born with a heart malformation that will require medical care. Your efforts and support will allow us to fulfill our mission as well as our commitment to these families.

What is the duration of Mon défi En Coeur campaign?

The Mon défi campaign ends on November 15, 2014. However, the platform will now be available on an ongoing basis.

What are the registration fees for Mon défi En Cœur?

Registration is free. However, we do encourage you to invite your family and friends to send you donations using the "Make a donation" button.

Should I create an individual challenge or a group challenge?

You may certainly take on a group challenge for added motivation and results! Group challenges are easy to plan with your family, friends or coworkers. Why not invite other departments from your company to join in, and set up a friendly competition?

Why do I need to give my complete contact information, phone number, date of birth and other personal information?

Your contact information will be used by the En Cœur Foundation to allow the online donation system to verify your identity, issue a tax receipt, or communicate with you if necessary. Contact information will not be provided or sold to any third party and will be kept confidential. Only your name, challenge, goal and city will appear in your public display. Your age will only appear if you tick the “Show on my profile” box when you register. All this information can be modified at any time using the “Edit my profile” option when you are logged in.

How do I add a picture to my profile?

When you are filling in your profile (or once you have registered, and you select the “Edit my profile” option), click on “Choose your picture or avatar.” A pop-up window will open automatically. Choose a picture of yourself from your computer and click on Open. Slide the frame over the desired part of the picture and then click on “Resize image.” Note that the system only accepts JPEG files and GIF files under 3 Mb. You can replace your picture with another one at any time. If you prefer to select an avatar, we suggest that you select a picture among the choices offered by default in our stock images.

What is the purpose of “My motivation” and the “Photo gallery”?

These two parts of your public display allow you to make your profile more interesting for your donors.

For example, why did you choose this particular challenge? Do you or someone you know have heart disease? The photo gallery will allow you to show your efforts or the final result!

These two parts are optional, but we encourage you to use them to document your challenge.

How do I "share" a public display?

You have several options :

  • To share on Facebook, click on the "f" logo
  • To share on Twitter, click on the "bird" logo
  • To share by email, click on the "airplane" logo
  • You can also copy the URL by clicking on the "chain" logo and then send it using your preferred platform (for exemple: your personal email)


How can I edit my goal or my challenge?

Once you are logged in to your profile, click on “Edit my profile.” This option will enable you to edit all the fields you filled in when you registered.

Is the online payment system secure for my donors?

The ProDon system is highly secure. ProDon specializes in the collection of online donations for non-profit organizations

For more information, please contact the En Coeur Foundation.

What do I do with the money I have collected in person?

You can send cheques made out to “Fondation En Cœur” by mail:

Fondation québécoise pour les enfants malades du coeur

6250 Hutchison St., suite 505

Montréal, QC H2V 4C5


Be sure to write down each donor's name, adress, phone number and amount donated so that we can send him or her a tax receipt (donations of $20 or more).

We do not recommend sending cash by mail. En Coeur is not responsible for loss or theft.

When will the En Cœur Foundation send tax receipts for donations?

Anyone who has made an online donation of more than $20 will receive an electronic receipt by email in the minutes following their transaction.

Some information is missing on my taxe receipt. What should I do?

Please contact us by email or by phone (514 737-0804, ext. 2) and describe the problem. A member of our team will answer you as soon as possible.

What happens with the donations that are raised?

All donations go to the En Cœur, Foundation for children with heart disease. For more information on the foundation’s actions and services, click here.

I saw something offensive on the website. What should I do?

It is crucial to us that user content on the website be respectful of all users’ backgrounds and values. If an offensive comment was written on your profile, you can delete it. If you see an offensive comment on another user's profile, you can use the "Flag" option. If the content appears anywhere else, please write to us ( and provide as much information as possible (content, name of the person, and direct link to the profile if possible). We will be sure to investigate the situation as soon as possible.

I requested a new password, but have not received it.

You might have to wait a few minutes for the system to generate the new password. If you cannot find an email from "Mon défi En Coeur" in your email inbox, check your bulk/spam folder. Make sure to accept emails from "Mon défi En Coeur" in your email filter to continue to receive news from the foundation.

I lost my password. How can I retrieve it?

If you can’t remember your password, click on the “LOGIN” link at the top right of the homepage and then on “I forgot my password.”  An email with your new password from “Mon défi En Cœur” will be sent to the email address you have provided. Be sure to accept emails from “Mon défi En Cœur” in your email filter to continue to receive news from the foundation. If you have forgotten the email address associated with your account, write to encoeur@en-cœ and provide your contact information.

I had a problem and was unable to complete my registration. What should I do?

If you were unable to complete the final step and submit your registration, you will need to complete your profile again. Your information will not be saved until you have confirmed that it is valid. This is how we protect the security of your personal information in case, for example, you are using a shared computer.

I would like to create a profile online. How can I create an email address if I don’t already have one?

We suggest that you visit, which is very easy to use. This website will allow you to create a personal Gmail address that you can then use to register for Mon défi En Cœur.

I am unable to log in to the website, make a donation to another participant, or create my profile. What is the problem?

Sometimes the website can be blocked out by a "firewall", for example in a large company, a hospital or a school. Please contact your company's IT administrator or try again from another computer.

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